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highways of concrete with asphalt top is an enormous advance.

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rheumatism. In sixty seven out of ninety two patients they found diplo

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cooperatively. I wish you could have seen the first ones come

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being shall be the Presidents of the Medical and Surgical Sections. The

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of living beings on the proximate cause of diseases their nature or

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examples of persons whose useful activities were not

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established. Miss Fuqua received her training at Biola

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hold in large amounts and on the saving powers of the com


to our soldiers and our creditors. These notes are payable to bearer they

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Sec.. All interest and dividends and premiums which may accrue on securities

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and the other in the floor of the vestibule of the nose

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into the brush and raising Cain in any such style as

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and further that I am not a relative or employee of any

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affects the nasal chambers and sinuses of the head at first only the

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squeezing which is to be avoided. Of course fresh punctures can be

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the measures adopted for its removal a large darning needle must

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room. Members of a pious Puritan family attended Sunday church serv

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solution of citrated caffeine to grs. injected if pulse is soft

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nervous action. The following are the concluding sentences of the remarks

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ter from another more plausible power than the taxing power.

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In another inquest some time since Dr. Freyberger cer

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property to his son or slave or as sometimes happens to

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with the result that they saved the patients lives.

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but they are not taxes in the narrower sense defined

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universal that the basis of all antisepsis is cleanliness.

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English Laugu iges. Being a careful Abridgment o the Author s Prac

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of operation is greater than when there is still discharge

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tional Typographical Union would erect thereon a Home

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Machiavello stain appearing as red bodies. Rickettsiae occupy an

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in clearing up carriers and I have known carriers to remain un

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tius the patrician but as King Childebert did not listen to

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after considerable personal experience. As a substitute for the latter

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subtropical places habitable which were uninhabitable before

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trouble than is the case with obligations payable to the bearer.

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and Mercy Hospitals. In these classes the students come in close

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by the fact that these cases are comparatively very rare.

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wasjuftly efteem d by far the fineft Piece of Mafonry

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rious from their novelty than important from their practical bearing.

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a monopoly or the sale of manufactured wares or of lumber or

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ground long long ago. We have been embarked upon a sea of paper

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derived from the use of chloroform for the relief of suffering.

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the anscmic cerebrum and the reverse is observed if hyper

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caine but affords erratic and unreliable results. It

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wide field of endeavor and such an inconceivable wealth

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low. It would simply render subsecpient oj erations

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Riesling Roussonne St Thiery Sauvignon Semillon Sylvaner Tres

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spark for the whole world Great Britain is in truth answer

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The mixed tumors of the generative glands are the most complicated

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Mercy the Law allows nothing but envy and ill nature could

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them with ideas. Moreover a growing minority of the

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ventive Medicine in the army especially in tropical climates

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elders. It was just then also that the system of school

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acquire huts for operating theatres and administrative

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means of which Mr. Dingley was chairman there was no

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there was concentrated oil of vitriol in a bottle labelled Poi

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and starvation after the anesthetic and these factors

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reorganised and raised to the highest pitch of efficiency.

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one sister dead. Does not drink alcoholic beverages

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they were not subject to undue influences or laboring under a delusion

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subject into English literature in a paper read before

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causing a marked upturn in the price. Those who have thus

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respect the feelings of the poor both by the language and

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aromatics and is a stronger extract than we ever get in drug

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had not graduated. By the questionnaire method Groups

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contribute to increased feeding of Uvestock. With the

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which scales the separation of means in standard deviation

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emergencies and sudden shocks and we hereby tender him the

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Bengal South America Mexico New England Pennsylvania and California

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unhesitatingly followed. I think at least something has been

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heart berits giving a curious rotary effect. TliHia osis wl

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syndicates is beyond question. The Chinese themselves know it

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into the public mind the belief that stock watering is an evil

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the attempted pneumonectomy was substituted by packing the chest

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R. C. Dun reports an interesting case of Multiple Fractures in

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found that middle class youth generally expressed moral opinions much

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pure methyl alcohol and is usedas above it gives similar

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Balloons. The physiological effect of balloon ascents Gaule .

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service. The four principal sections of the book are Intro

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special General Meeting summoned for the purpose with the advice of the

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and deriving their nourishment at its expense producing

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the risk of the case becoming fulminating or the abscess

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diagnosis of a cyst in a movable spleen. The blood examination was practically

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only the desired results. Permanent baldness of the aft ected area

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Public Buildings. Public buildings are a necessary part

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formerly had been a miner aged forty five years com

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ter from another more plausible power than the taxing power.

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the man at the back of the ambulance as one who is haughty

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undergo a trying ordeal she must rest and accumulate

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you it must be our especial object to remove it must

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dissection is preferred. Hysterectomy is not usually indicated for treatment of high

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psychology involved in a unit of pupils habits of work and

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Taxation Payment of interest is forever free from the tax on

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altogether out of place in a Journal so strictly practical as ours claims

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volume of low grade gravel with a sufficient supply of

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peltrv saltpetre the precious metals wine wool cotton

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gocytable. It must be remembered however that there are difficuh ies

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organism may be displayed in the manifestation of vice in

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with the same intervals. I have met with practitioners of experience who

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times the remission being slight. The duration of the remission varies fi om

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patrie est un element necessaire. Le patriotisme franccais a atteint

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present inconveniences or dangers. The first is inefficient in cases of multi

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A Former Citizen. In the Skaneateles Free Press in the sketch of Lydia

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make an effort to grasp the entire body of knowledge

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Fish especially shell fish are much used in the town. Coffee

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