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The absence of violent itching and tingling and burning

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Guild. The income thus provided would be applied to pro

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to him superficial appearances are often no disguise

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Cases of gangrene die from exhaustion or septicemia and the prog

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nodes. Four cases present the picture that is most frequently described

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It was moved and seconded that this organization be known as THE AKRON

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Temporary Lieutenant J. A. Durante relinquishes his commissiou

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mastitis in the majority of cases was the starting

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The mitral valve incompletely closing the auriculo ventricular

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what we call the grippe bears a close and intimate relation to many

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and nutritious but if eaten with good butter and salt

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September. Exfx.sed to fomites of dengue being placed with three dengue cases

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to present our traditional subjects in a manner which

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Wells was made of capital importance by the Committee.

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but this improvement is illusory. From this time onwards the animals

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Cologne Frankfort and other continental cities post

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osteum stripped from the femur everywhere except in front. On sawing

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ance. They may mpture spontaneously into the rectum

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all right minded men and women must put their shoulder to the

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been very dry causing heavy losses among the animals.

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Peritonitis in Children. Syphilitic peritonitis may be congeoiul.

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resembling synovia. A false joint had been formed aud

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the recall of Yuan Shih kai and the several Edicts

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Disturbances of sensibility beyond a mere passing numbness are very rare

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