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the pus, so far as this change occurs, becoming an inert mass.

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were in quarantine pens cost him $175 in the price received for

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quinine, from six to ten ounces of brandy per diem, and various opiates, as well

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our doubts, for diphtheritic membranes, whatever may be their

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May 2 1 -22— Chronic Renal Failure and Its Impact on Family and General

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pected, a complete absence of cholera microbes. Pigeons

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A.H. Levi (psychology), P.A. Levi, G.L. Levitt. B.A.

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2.31 per cent. This decrease is probably due to the vaccination

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This department aims to give the student an insight

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found to be distended with pus and synovial fluid. The

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season, locality, or atmospheric change, and that its progression was gradual

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foundations of legitimate professional medicine and phar-

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this individual, while he was alive, considerable quantities of

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War, the Black Hawk War, with its cholera campaign,

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26. Echbverria, M. G.: Violence and Unconscious State of Epileptics, in their Relations

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1896 a.— Locust mite <Agric. J., Cape Town, v. 9 (26), Dec. 24, pp. 672-673.

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The growth of bacteria is still more accelerated. In some cases

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not mixing in all the flour ; then put a blanket, or towel, over

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be downward and backward, and then upward and forward." —

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hour till you are entirely easy/' He took them as directed

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leading business of the time, so numerous and so extensive were the advertisements.

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side ; no paralysis, no hallucinations. The disease bad

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gestive paper upon this subject. He deals only with subcutaneous

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he had not been overwhelmed with quinine or antipy-

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Tell me that it is not a solemn duty laid upon the medical pro-

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twinkle in her eye; and because our lives will forever

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rain, and dust, and should always be kept closed when the vat is not

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Dr. Escat, of Toulouse, reports in the Revue Hcbd. de Laryn-

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Concerning the first group of regular quantitative reaction,

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Bearn. This station is situated about half-way between Biarritz and

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drainage tube in all cases of ruptured or inflamed cysts,

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to active rubbing put a good hungry calf to the udder.

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As to the results of either medical or surgical treatment, statifltica